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Starring John Waters (“Pink Flamingos”), ex-porn star Traci Lords, Malcolm McDowall (“A Clockwork Orange”) and Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”) & Bonus Features: Commentary with director Richard Bates and star AnnaLynne McCord. Death Deal Price: $10Normal Price: $14



Know what AMAZES me? It took until the year 2012 for someone to make a movie about mold. Yes, mold. I mean, it’s gross, it invades your home, and it can kill you. It’s perfect cult movie material! And director Neil Meschino’s new sci-fi/horror/comedy feature film MOLD! comes damn close to being a perfect cult movie. It’s fungally fantastic, seriously messy, and you’re going to love watching it!


Hollywood studios manufacture plenty of slime, but they use it to coat their scummy streets and grease the hair of slick dick movie execs instead of pouring it across movie screens. Fortunately, cult movie maestro Greg Lamberson knows exactly how to put slime to good use. He’s done it again with his latest slimy slice: Slime City Massacre. And you are going to have a great time watching it! Slime City Massacre is a follow up to Slime City, his legendary late 80’s cult comedy horror scum fest. And it oozes with the same fiendish funk that made classic 80’s NYC exploitation movies like Street Trash, Frankenhooker and Combat Shock such gut-busting delights.


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(SAGITTARIUS): Log off for a while. Your compromising photos are about to hit Facebook and you’re not going to like who “Like”s them. (CAPRICORN): Don’t talk politics with your psychotic lover. Odds are high they’ll want to repeal your healthcare   (AQUARIUS): You realize charity is overrated when stopping to help that 85 year-old woman cross the street results in her fondling you.   (PISCES): It becomes terrifyingly obvious when they start to bury you alive that the meaning of life is to maintain a steady supply of oxygen.
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