About Us

About Us

We are aware of the fact that many people love watching movies. However, it is a common struggle to find where you can watch for free and with fast downloads. As movie lovers, we often regret not being able to watch those movies we badly want to see on cinemas. We oftentimes miss it or simply can’t go to the moviehouses because of our schedules and other complications.

Of course, we all have tried searching and browsing different websites in the Internet just to look for the movies that we want. But the problem is, most of them aren’t free and not available in other countries. This is why we have come up with a great idea, that of creating Cult Movie Mania for all movie fans out there.

We’ve thought of things that can make it easier for people to watch any movie anytime and anywhere. But first, we made sure that our database includes all different types of movies, even those in different languages can be found in here. We also made sure to create it free for everyone. Cult Movie Mania is a website for any country and any movie lover!

And of course if we have all movies in here, we cannot forget about the subtitles, can we? Subtitles can be found in various languages, whether you want it in English or your country’s own language. Cult Movie Mania is seriously fun to use!

If you want to translate the whole page in different language, you can!

Now, we do tend to share and recommend a lot of movies to other people, right? This site has the perfect forum for that. We can post anything we want, share and recommend all films and movies to others! In fact, you can voice out your opinion about the movie you just watched.

Our mission is to create a place for people who enjoy movies and watch it alone or even with families and friends. We want to make sure everyone from all around the world can use this site. And now with the help of this site, we can all enjoy those great movies for free!