Movie Review

Movie Review

In this page, I will be posting my very own reviews of the movies that I’ve watched. I’ve started with The Choice. Check back next time for more…

The Choice (A movie based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel)

The Choice stars Benjamin Walker as Travis and Teresa Palmer as Gabby. Travis is the typical guy who throws parties with his married friends while blasting loud music. His new neighbor Gabby is bothered and disgusted by his actuations. However, she silently observes him from afar. But when her dog becomes pregnant and she accuses Travis’ own dog as the culprit, this forced the latter to help out with Gabby’s dog and her new born puppies. This is when Gabby’s resistance to Travis slowly drifted away.

But then Gabby already had a doctor boyfriend and this really complicates things. I find it disturbing that Gabby cheated on her boyfriend to hook up with Travis. She didn’t hesitate to cheat on the guy who wanted to marry her and have her join his family who seemed to love her too. I totally do not approve of such cheating and this is why I don’t really like the movie.

However, Gabby’s choice was made. She broke up with her boyfriend and chose to be with Travis. They married each other and soon had babies. But that’s not the ending, after several years, she got into accident. I’ll actually think that’s the consequence of what she did before because things happen for a reason. And maybe, just maybe, it really is a punishment for what she did.

Now here’s the other choice that shall be made by Travis. His wife is comatose and only the machine was giving her life support. She has been comatose for a long time and he needed to make a decision on whether to terminate life support. Travis was talking and pleading to his wife to wake up which totally broke my heart. For me, this is such a heartbreaking point in the story. But a miracle happened and she did wake up from her deep sleep. I even thought the story will end up tragic but I was wrong.

The story might not be so appropriate, with the cheating involved, but I still loved the essence of it. Though I’m completely against the cheating, I must admit that I still loved the movie since it tugged at something deep inside me.