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Rock And Rule movie

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Gutter punks shouldn’t play with dead things…or have sex with them. When Sarah (Tiffany Stinky) screws a corpse in the local funeral home she gets the “ROT”, a deadly, flesh-eating virus that soon infects her punk rock boyfriend Muzzy (Billly $cam).

Realizing they are doomed to rot alive together, Sarah and Muzzy set out on a nihilistic rampage, spreading ultra-violence and the virus in their chaotic wake. As the plague of rotting flesh rages out of control, the FBI, secretive government agencies, and Dr. Robert Olsen (Joel D. Wynkoop), the deranged scientist who created the “ROT”, become involved, making everything far worse for the citizens of Sunnyville, Florida.

For the first time ever…this underground, out-of-print classic has finally made its way to DVD bringing its gag-inducing gore, goo, and punk rock sensibilities with it. Get infected today!

DVD bonus features include:

  •  New Behind the Scenes Video
  •  Original Behind the Scenes Video
  •  New Audio Commentary w/ Marcus Koch and Joel D. Wynkoop
  •  Original Audio Commentary with Marcus Koch and Billly $cam
  •  Marcus Koch: The Herb Kowalski Interview
  •  The Goriest Minute – ROT Episode
  •  Trailers

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Leonard Maltin was still vomiting at the face-pulling scene, so he had no comment. But, says ROT is, “…sick, twisted, perverse, disgusting, and just plain icky.” Michael Gingold at FANGORIA calls it, “Microbudget horror with a distinct – and disturbed – personality.”
And simply, “…loved the absolute shit out of this movie.”


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